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Every year, hundreds of women are victims of domestic violence.  InScottsdale alone, the Scottsdale Police department, on average, takes 1,300domestic violence reports each year.  In Arizona and according to theArizona Governor’s Office, law enforcement officers respond to a domesticviolence call every 5 minutes. So far this year, there have been 72 documented domestic violence relateddeaths, according to the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence. If youor someone you know is in an abusive relationship or needs help, contact theNational Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.


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Silent Ministries Recovery Outreach, Battered Abused Discriminated and Disadvantaged (BADD), headquartered in Lake Park, Ga., is a rapidly growing ministry known to more than 3600 members. Founders, Jim and Carolyn Harnage, have fought long and hard to achieve the current status of their ministry. They truly believe that it is their life calling and purpose to those in need.
It is not an ordinary ministry. It is different, but that is what makes it special. This ministry utilizes the professions and talents of their staff and members to provide many services to people all over the world. They do not charge a flat rate for any services. They only ask that you provide an affordable donation towards the services provided to you. If you are in an emergency situation and do not have finances available to you, they provide services free.
Some of the services that they provide include: Child Custody and Child Support Assistance, Employment Searches, Self-Defense Product Distribution, Inspirational and Instructional Books, and Grief and Abuse Counseling.
• They also make it possible for battered and abused women and children to learn how to gain freedom and prosper through faith-based education and support. They also provide financial assistance to battered women, so that they may obtain good attorneys for divorce and protection order processing.
• They provide food, clothing, and gifts for birthdays and Christmas’ to disadvantaged children.
• They correspond and minister to inmates through bible studies, prayer support and letters of faith. Their main focus is on domestic violence and sexual or physical abuse. However, they make will reach out to convert any inmates including those whose past lives on the streets included drugs, promiscuity, rape, sex offenses, deviations, perversions and murder.
• They provide an international prayer network of more than 3600 members and openly accept prayer requests and new members.
• They are involved in the Migrant Workers Ministry, providing support and assistance to the migrant workers in the USA.

Their vision for the future includes: achieving a live evangelical ministry to assist an orphanage in India with Pastor Dakes, and starting a virtual online church named the International Community Chapel of Hope. The Chapel will offer courses on the Bible, Life Purpose, Word of God and living through Jesus, providing participants with a Certification of Faith upon completion.
They are very serious about their purpose and work for God. This ministry will fight for you tooth and nail, within ethical and legal boundaries, to resolve your issues. You can check review their services, testimonials, and qualifications at

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