Scottsdale Arizona


The City of Scottsdale is currently updating the Downtown Plan which will guide the

future of downtown over the next decade. To ensure that all community

interests are recognized, the city’s Advance Planning team is seeking

extensive public participation through meetings, focus groups, open houses

and public workshops. The first of four workshops is a four-part series

entitled “Downtown Placemaking.” Placemaking is the art of creating or

molding places that have:

** meaning to people;

** endure patterns of community use, and

** memorable physical qualities.

This workshop’s sessions are visually engaging, interactive and

collaborative with featured discussion groups, downtown walking audits and

public brainstorming sessions. Each session is intended to explore and

identify opportunities to improve and enhance Downtown’s sense of place and


Workshop Schedule:

** 1st session – October 11: provides a foundation for understanding

“placemaking,” discusses its application in the Downtown, and invites the

community to explore Downtown’s values and visions.

** 2nd & 3rd session – October 12: include district walking tours that

allow participants to gain first-hand experience of Downtown Scottsdale and

identify opportunities and challenges in the downtown setting.

** 4th session – October 13 provides residents and stakeholders the ability

to create placemaking ideas and designs for Downtown.

Interested parties can participate in any or all sessions but must do so by

October 5, 2007. Workshop registration is provided on-line at

Because workshops require considerable preparation and resources,

participation is limited to 150 per session.


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