Scottsdale Arizona

Vice President of Operations – Construction Industry by quotes


Position Title: VP of Operations

Position Location: Phoenix, AZ

Department: Construction

Reports To: Division President

Direct Reports: Yes, VP’s of Construction/Purchasing

Years Of Experience: Minimum of ten years of homebuilding experience as well as several years experience in purchasing and sales. Must have good negotiation experience and a flexible approach to the business and the people he/she deals with on a daily basis.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree Required; engineering, construction, business or related fields

Travel: No


Incumbent manages the homebuilding operations which include the Construction and Purchasing functions of the company. Manages all aspects of these functions including planning, budgeting, finance, contracting, developing business plans, interacting with corporate executives and other Company personnel. Manages the Vice Presidents of Construction and Purchasing, and interacts with outside local and state government officials in the process of homebuilding. Assists the President of the Company as requested.

¨ Ensures the construction of quality homes within company standards

¨ Ensures policies, procedures, and organizational philosophies are maintained in order to meet Company goals and objectives.

¨ Manages production, inventory and G&A for the functions for which incumbent has responsibility. Creates business plans and forecasts.

¨ Attends hearings for proposed projects and meets with various government officials

¨ Hires, assigns, manages, motivates and terminates (when called upon) management personnel who report to the incumbent. Reviews work performance and participates in the salary process including raise recommendations

¨ Provides the President and other corporate executives with periodic reports and makes presentation when called upon, with regard to homebuilding activities. The incumbent must stay current with all new homebuilding issues, especially in the Construction and Purchasing areas for which incumbent is responsible

¨ Must control construction costs and ensure that projects for which incumbent is responsible are completed on time and within budget

¨ Describe the level and frequency of contact of this position with other departments, as well as with outside groups or organizations: Incumbent interacts daily with Company personnel and will a number of outside organizations, government agencies, suppliers and sales people

¨ Incumbent also interacts with home buyers from time to time

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