Scottsdale Arizona


SIGN CODE CHANGES SLATED FOR MARCH 20 CITY COUNCIL MEETING. The proposed changes include options to further limit and in some cases prohibit the location of temporary signs which include political signs.

On February 28, the Scottsdale Planning Commission unanimously recommended approval of 12-TA-2006, which would prohibit temporary signs in the public right-of-way. As part of their recommendation, they made the decision to also prohibit off-site directional signs (primarily used by developers to direct customers to new subdivisions) in the public right-of-way. On March 20th, the City Council will have the option to approve 12-TA-2006 as originally drafted (excluding off-site directional signs); or as the Planning Commission recommended. In addition, the City Council will consider 13-TA-2006 (regulations related to placement of temporary signs on public property). The Planning Commission recommended denial of this amendment.

Project fact sheets (for 12-TA and 13-TA) are available on-line at:

Interested parties are also invited to provide input via an electronic mailbox at: signs (at)

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