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Scottsdale Arizona – Scottsdale Job Network – Supporting workers in transition by quotes

Scottsdale Job Network  Supporting workers in transition 


Friends of Scottsdale Job Network:

You are invited to attend any meeting of the Scottsdale Job Network held on the first and third Wednesday morning of each month.  Next week, on Wed, Dec 6, Ron Schott, Executive Emeritus of the Arizona Technology Council, will be presenting: 

Arizona’s Technology Status and Opportunities in the Technology Industry”


The talk will highlight the current status of the Technology Industry in Arizonaindustry segments that are showing significant growth and the job opportunities associated with these segments.  Ron will offer insights into leveraging the opportunities that exist in Arizona and what the Arizona Technology Council is doing to help stimulate and grow job opportunities in Arizona.

  • When a member of the working community participates in Scottsdale Job Network’s meetings, you bring encouragement and networking links to the job seekers in our group–good!

  • Telling your contacts (other employers and job seekers) about Scottsdale Job Network helps us grow–great!

  • Getting to know our job seekers and finding finding talented workers for your staffpriceless!

    See our website for more information about SJN including Driving Directions 


    With any questions or to share job leads, email us at: info @


    Thank you for your interest and support.


Christine Vicari

Director & Founder 
Scottsdale Job Network

P.O. Box 25674

Scottsdale, AZ
 Phone: 480.513-1491 

Supporting workers in transition


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